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Watashi wa bara no sadame ni umareta...

...hanayakani hageshiku ikiro to umareta...

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This is my writing journal. My personal journal is sarafinapekkala.

My HP fics on FA.
My fics and drabbles on FF.N
Fics and drabbles can also be found in my Memories section.

I mod fma_reread, if you're interested in rereading the Fullmetal Alchemist manga.

General Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the words (and my own OCs), and I'm not making any profit from any of this. Please do not sue me.

Friending policy: Feel free to friend or unfriend me as you see fit. I don't friend people who post uncut NC-17 material, but other than that I'll probably friend you back when I see you on my list.

Warning policy: Currently being revamped. For the moment: I don't write NC-17 (which immediately cuts out a large swath of stuff), and thus far have not written dubcon or noncon. If something is labeled as "fluff" or "humor" or something similar, it will not contain common triggers. Otherwise, I have written fics that include (highlight to read) bullying, physical violence, abortion, character death, and mental illness, so please consider this if you wish.

Yay Ravenclaw!!

Social capital

  • less than 10